Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Big Paint - Part two 27/5/10

Julie spent the first part of the session with the new group explaining what had been done so far and what had to be done next on the panels. The first bit was to re-mask the panels and paint under the bits we had missed earlier (where the leaves cross over) and then working on the last panels.

When the first ones were dry we started to apply textures to some of the blades /leaves ready to finish this stage.

In between this the group worked on their individual canvases.

It's great to see the work beginning to come together. I particularly like the 3 panels that work together that will sit along the back wall of the cafe with the lights in between.

To finish off now, Julie and Lucy will do the last few bits of texture and work out the next stage, as a group we talked about a stencil design over the top of the grass/ leaves, which we need to think about some more, I think being away from the work for a little while will help us decide what is next... We are meeting next week, so I'll keep this updated with the progress! Do check back and have a look.

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