Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Painting to Scale - developing ideas 25/5/10

The second group of the day, with a few keen volunteers who stayed for both groups!
We began this session by updating the group on what we had developed in the previous session and set to work on painting the 'to scale' design drawings. We mainly explored texture with this group and how we would use it in the pieces. From this and previous sessions we decided the background needed to be fairly simple with the design in the foreground. We opted for a light blue and on all the pieces, exploring either a matt consistent colour or a faded background. We also played with different textures on the grass/ leaves and the man made elements (brick etc).

At the end of session we evaluated the sessions work and made some decisions on what needed to happen next and what we needed to change on the final pieces. The solid light blue background worked best and needed to be much paler, almost off white. The grass and leaves need to be painted a solid colour with a sponge first and then texture added to some of the pieces, a little more selectively than we had done so far. We also came to the conclusion that this needed to happen first before we could make any decisions on manmade elements to the art work as well as creatures in the pieces.

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