Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Session Two - Group C 28/4/10

Today we got messy with paint, we used acrylic and played around with creating different textures, being fairly experimental with what we could achieve. The aim today was to create a number of ideas / samples that we can refer to for the later work and sessions. We used the photos we took last week as a start to inspire us. Julie will create a display of all of these for everyone to work from in the forthcoming sessions.

We also had lots of assistance today from Lucy and Aaron (thanks for all your help) and again had a lovely cake baked for us by Sally (mmm delicious), I could get used to this!
We even managed a quick trip to the swings/ climbing frame too as a short break between all the messy painting. I really wanted a go on the swing, but unfortunately all young people were at the front of the queue... next time.

Next time (Weds 5th May 1-4, or Friday 7th 10-1) we will be working with a new group (mainly) and doing some very similar activities, building up the resources to work from for our final pieces. Do come along, or encourage others you know to (you need to be under 25, or over 50).

Friday, 23 April 2010

Session one Group C 21/4/10

Well we have now officially got going with the first group today (group C- not logical lettering sorry!). We began by talking about the project and what we are aiming to achieve. We then went outside to explore the immediate surroundings, its was great that it was a lovely sunny day. We used cameras to record details outside as well as small sketchbooks.

After a lovely piece of home made cake (thanks Sally) we began some collage work based on what we had just seen, some of us did some more abstract pieces, others based theirs on larger views. Next time we are going to begin playing round with paint and I am looking forward to that one.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Taster Session 21/4/10

The beginning... we set up camp in the foyer of the centre this morning to provide the community with the opportunity to find out more about the sessions we are running at Victoria Park. A fair few people came along and had a go at some print making. We now have a some more people signed up and ready to go with our first proper session this afternoon.