Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Preparation for the big paint 27/5/10

Julie and Lucy got in early this morning to begin preparing all the panels before the groups turned up. We had 3 hours to do as much as possible and sort out the logistics of the day... It was going to be a long one. We knew we had to do most of the panels today and had not even started painting them as yet! We had decided all of the first steps with the groups on Tuesday so it was just a case of executing them. We began by mixing up a pale blue for the background, along with a selection of 5 greens. These were to be our main colour palette both for the day and then the rest of the project.
We the started to paint some of the panels the background colour so we could leave them to dry ready for the designs to be drawn on.
We used the designs we made on Tuesday and cut them up to make templates to transfer to the panels, essentially these were stencils so we didn't have to start at the beginning again with the proportions, this saved a lot of time!

We then trasfered the designs onto some of the panels we had prepared earlier and masking taped the shapes on so we could sponge on the designs. Next we had a quick go at painting... we were keen to see how it all looked!

We managed to prepare two sets of panels and had the rest ready to do the backgrounds on in time for the first group, and not even midday yet!

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