Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Friday, 28 May 2010

Brainstorming ideas - putting it all together 25/5/10

We spent a large part of this afternoons session generating ideas and coming up with designs for the final wall panels for the cafe. We worked as a group and thought about the work we had done so far and created an ideas board. From that, everyone developed individual ideas as to what they would have in their 5 panels. We talked about the merits of all the ideas and then came up with a list of what all the panels needed and then what some of the panels would benefit from. We also came up with a colour palette. We felt all these ideas were important so we could take onboard everyones suggestions and truly be a community effort. From this we developed our ideas further and continued to discuss them. We spent a fair bit of time working out how we could tie all 5 panels together so they worked together in the cafe space.

Julie (Lead artist) and Lucy (project assistant) began consolidating the ideas from the group and drew up the design ideas to scale. This meant the next group could develop the ideas further and begin to realise these.

While Julie and Lucy did this the rest of the group began working on individual canvases. These will hopefully be used as part of an exhibition in Victoria Park Community Centre during Somerset art week, along with some of the progression art work from the project. This will also mean that everyone will have part of the project to take home with them.

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