Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Monday, 10 May 2010

Group B - 7/5/10, Session one

Much the same as Wednesdays session here, just with a different group of people. Numbers are looking up too, I'm glad the community is coming to take part, it will make all the difference to the project, more the merrier.

We took some photos around the community centre and also did some quick sketches of the things we could see. We then spent a fair bit of time creating some collage work based on these. I have included more images of this this time, so you can see the sort of thing people have been doing. As you can see it's pretty varied. Next we need to get thinking as to how these are going to turn into the final wall pieces for the cafe. That is the plan for me this week!

Also good news, the special board for the walls has arrived all the way from Poland. It's a sound absorbing board so will hopefully cut down some of the echo in the cafe space. Glad that we have got it in plenty of time, we can really start planning now.

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