Victoria Park Community Art Project

Bridgwater, Somerset

Monday, 24 May 2010

Group B - 21/5/10, Session two

Similar to Wednesdays session we explored paint and what we could achieve with it. We are really starting to plan the content of the wall pieces and this is what we will focus on in the next sessions. Next week we have sessions on Tuesday 25th 12 - 3 and 3.30 - 6 and Thursday 27th also 12 - 3 and 3.30 - 6. Do come along and join in painting and designing the panels.

These examples show individuals in the groups ideas beginning to come together. There are some really inventive techniques used which will hopefully make their way to the final pieces.

These examples will be our source materials for the final pieces. They should give us ideas and techniques to use; This includes our collages, painted texture squares and photographs.

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